President Truman & SAIC James J Rowley

President Truman & SAIC James J Rowley
President Truman & SAIC James J Rowley

Thursday, June 15, 2017

President Truman Secret Service: 7 more

 President Truman Secret Service: 7 more

Mr. Urbanus E. Baughman, Chief of the Secret Service
Mr. Carl Dickson, Assistant Chief of Secret Service
Mr. James J. Rowley, Special Agent in Charge, White House Detail
Mr. Henry J. Nicholson, Assistant Special Agent in Charge
Mr. Gerald A. Behn, Assistant to Special Agent in Charge

Mr. John A. Campion    
Mr. Robert A. Mampel
Mr. Paul B. Doster    
Mr. John A. Marshall
Mr. Adolph M. Downing   
Mr. Milton S. Mileski
Mr. Frank L. Farnsworth   
Mr. Vincent P. Mroz
Mr. Deeter B. Flohr    
Mr. Donald E. Murphy
Mr. Bartley A. Fugler    
Mr. Donald L. Nelson
Mr. Morgan L. Gies    
Mr. Robert J. Newbrand
Mr. William R. Greer    
Mr. Carroll S. Pierce
Mr. Ray M. Hare, Jr.    
Mr. Emory P. Roberts
Mr. Carroll L. Honess    
Mr. Rex W. Scouten
Mr. Robert Jamison    
Mr. Stewart G. Stout Jr.
Mr. H. Stuart Knight    
Mr. Charles E. Taylor, Jr.
Mr. John R. Ladas    
Mr. Robert H. Taylor
Mr. Gerard B. McCann   
Mr. Paul T. Usher

Sunday, April 30, 2017


GREAT NEWS! The paperback edition is NOW AVAILABLE on Amazon and worldwide (a day early)! The kindle, nook, and Google Play versions have been out since 4/21/17. The reaction has been overwhelmingly great (including from authors Phil Nelson, Flip De Mey, and David Wayne). I appreciate all your support. If you would like a signed copy directly from myself, send me a private message.